Mark Beech

2024-03-13: 3K

3,000 days ago I awoke quite early, and being unable to get back to sleep decided to go out for a run around the Arboretum, this would prove to be the last time I would try to take up running. I had previously given up part way through the Couch to 5K program a couple…

2021-03-01: One Year in England

Today marks the one year anniversary of the last time I arrived back in England, I’ve been here ever since and that is probably a new record for me. I’ve not even left the two counties (West Midland / Staffordshire) I can call home more than twice. The 29th of February was the last day…

2021-02-22: Redjacking

Such a feat would have been completely unremarkable but for the media’s crazy over Bluejacking at the time leading to the obvious portmanteau of Redjacking to refer to sending ad-hoc data over IrDA

2021-02-14: Hello world!

So it would seem I have a shiny new blog, which does seem to pose the question of why? and what will I be doing with it?