Starting in 2011, every couple of years I’ve attempted to write a novel in November, as part of National Novel Writing Month, I have achieved that goal twice in that time.

My WriMo Novels

2011 Plebicide

Class war is over, was it a pyrrhic victory?

This was never completed, I trust that parts of it still exist but I’ve no desire to track them down or re-write it. If I recall correctly the best thing about it was all the pub names (and it featured quite a few pubs) being either puns, plot points, or both.

2013 Railway Sleepers

Stumbling upon a underground society can lead down a dangerous track.

I just about finished this, by finished defined as hitting 50,000 words before the end of November. I’ve not looked at this since I November 2013, but some of my friends have read the unedited draft - and they have not encouraged me to do anything more with it.

2015 Designated Driver

The automobiles can drive, but what motivates them?

I wrote 50,008 words by hand, a good few thousand while sitting in a pub with a pint in my right hand. The plan was to type it up and edit it at some point, that point has not yet occurred. As it only currently exists in my handwriting the chance of anyone ever reading it are quite slim.

2017 The Common Era

A computer error deletes 68 years of human history.

I only got about halfway through both the month and my word count with this one before real life got in the way, which is a shame as I was really enjoying this story. If I can’t before I will probably re-vist this for NaNoWriMo ‘18.