Mark Beech

Alsager Virtual 5

Virtual Alsager 5 race bib #192

Today (6th February 2021) I completed my 1st virtual race of the year, for the second time.

I recorded an official time of 43’51, which I’m quite pleased with. I ran from my home, along the McLean way cycle path to Goscote park where I did a möbius lap before returning back the way I came. I was sure to start and stop at the same altitude as running a downhill course is prohibited by the event rules.

I had run five miles yesterday, in a time of 43’43! but a couple of time keeping errors meant I could only prove to have run 4.98 miles so I could not use it as evidence for the virtual race.

My Next Virtual Race is the Virtual Potters 10 in a couple of weeks time.

TLDR: 5 Miles in 43'51