parkrun / A1214775

I discovered parkrun sometime in September 2014, and registered at exactly 11 minutes and 9 seconds before 6 PM on Monday the 29th of September.

Back then I was attempting a C25K program (that I gave up on) so never attempted a parkrun.

I still don’t know how or why, but I rediscovered parkrun at about 6AM on Boxing day morning 2015. I looked at the previous results for Walsall Arboretum and decided there and then that I could walk it in about the same time as the tail-runner had the day before. Fortunately my printer worked and I was able to print out my barcode.

I can’t say I enjoyed that first parkrun, it was defiantly type 3 fun. However just six days later I found myself once again at a parkrun, this time Perry Hall, and could sort of understand how with the right frame of mind it could maybe become type 2 fun.

Since then I have become a runner, if not a Runner, and have run several parkruns and even enjoyed a few of them.

I earned my 50 Run t-shirt on Christmas Eve 2016. I earned my 100 run and 25 volunteer t-shirts on a snowy Decmber 9th 2017. I’m hoping to combine my 150th run with my 100th run at Walsall in late November 2018.

A full list of my parkrun results can be found on the parkrun website at