Mark Beech


This is the latest in a long string of personal websites I have created since 2004. The first was made in Word, many were made in WordPress.

This version lives on my PC as a collection of text and markdown files, that are intermittently processed by some software called HUGO and the resulting HTML files eventualy hosted by NearlyFreeSpeech.

This website was last updated on the 1st of June 2020

This website should not set any cookies, or attempt to steal your personal information. If this changes then something, somewhere has gone horribly wrong.

Some of the tables on this site use sorttable.js to make them sortable. The only other Javascript on this site is Leaflet.js which is used to make a few maps.

Any questions, suggestions, or requests for amendments, can be sent to me by either Jabber/XMPP or email to